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Full Version: 1983 FC35SB @ EBAY, Bids end on 04-10-16
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15 Pictures. Navy/White w/Gold & Brown Stripes. 170.1K miles. Near El Paso, TX. $? start at $36.5K.

"The following major mechanical upgrades:
New Air-ride suspension bags
New Koni Shocks all around
Six new Firestone tires (2009)
New Coach Batteries (2014)
New Generator Battery (2015)
New wheel bearings
Replace Master Clutch for engine cooling fan
Replace Alternator
All new engine belts (2016)
New power-steering pump
New injector heads for Koehler diesel generator.

As stated above, all major mechanical systems are in excellent repair, functioning properly for safe, trouble-free driving. If the new owner wishes to make the minor repairs necessary to make every component of the coach work, here is my complete list of known items:

The leveling jacks did not work when I bought the vehicle — I either park flat or use boards to level (included with equipment)
The odometer quit turning at 158,000 miles last summer. Since then I have religiously tracked all miles driven using my GPS and an online database to automatically compute miles driven. I have since obtained a verified working replacement unit from a fellow Wanderlodge Owners' Group member who decided to convert his dash to electronic gauges, but it has not yet been installed.
The stated current mileage reading is accurate for the number of miles driven as of 3/29/16.
The foot activated High-Low headlight button on the floor has popped off and needs to be reinstalled.
The U-Line Automatic Ice Maker in the secondary freezer did not work when I bought the vehicle. The previous owner told me he had looked into the parts necessary to repair it and estimated up to $600! I figured you can buy a lot of ice for $600, so never fixed it - the freezer itself functions perfectly.
There is a spider web-shaped crack in the left rear bedroom window. It was there when I bought the vehicle, and has never gotten any bigger. Because of the window tinting, it can not be seen from the outside, so I never bothered to repair it.
There is a little dimple and light crinkle along with a paint scratch about a fingers length and width on the lower front edge of the generator tray door from driving out of a badly angled driveway curb in Austin, TX the other month. I estimate professional body-shop repair at somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four hundred dollars.

Call me at (504) 458-7191 with any questions or to request additional pictures, copies of maintenance records, etc."
For the Record....

After 7 Days.
After 7 Bidders.
After 25 Bids reaching $16.3k
The "Reserve was not met."
I sure do like that paint scheme!
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