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Full Version: 1984 FC35SB @ EBAY; Bids end on 02/20/2016
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Brown/Cream, "Mother Ship," w/139.8k miles, in Ossipee, NH,
"Good Condition" with many updates since 2012.
I added wood floors to this coach
If you scroll down in the description ....


New Flexsteel Driver Co-Pilot Seats 2012
Custom Made coordinated upholstery throughout by Muriel in Perry Georgia.
New Custom made drapes for forward section 2007
Perimeter fluorescent bulbs replaced with LED strips 2013
New Carpet and Bamboo Flooring by Ernie Ekberg 2009

....The seller is using your quality work as a "value added" selling feature.

This bus is shown here in the Gallery (Wanderlodgegurus...streaming above)
Bird of the Week 6/4 - 6/11 2010
"Mother Ship"
Eric and Mary Johnson
"Mother Ship" was Bird of the Week more than once. The prior owners are active Lone Star Bird members and Eric took very good care of that Bird. Given how little time the current owner has had it, it should still be in good shape. But they are all a constant work in process. Smile
Nice job Ernie, it's beautiful!
wow- I did the floors 7 years ago
What do you think this bird will go for?

With only 2 days left and 75 bids already(now at $25.1K)
the sellers reserve is still not met.
Several Ebayer's are watching this sale......

I'm guessing the reserve is set at $30K
and the seller is hoping to get $39K (or more) "when the hammer falls."

What do you think it will go for?
For the record

Well, this bird "DIDN'T Fly" on EBAY! (@ $30.8K "Reserve Not Met")

The reserve wasn't met and the couple bidders that did want it (Bad) didn't "pull the trigger" and so it goes...
I've been watching a lot of different Class A & Class B's sell over the past year and the 1980's vintage RV's seem to meet lots of resistance in the $30K range (with a very few exceptions).

This is a good bird, worthy of a higher price point, but the owner is going to have try to get it elsewhere.
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