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Full Version: Traveling between Savannah and Mt. Airy
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We'll be traveling between Savannah and Mt. Airy between March 18 and April 5, 2016. about 18 days to kill/explore/kick back/etc.
We did Vanderbilt about 30 years ago. Would you recommend a camp ground in your area and any other sites?
Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort and Marina was nice for a week. The Concours was nearby and many of the owners (and cars) stayed here in their RV's Great private showings of these cars.
Red Gate Campground and RV resort is a wide open area. Lots of space. We've stayed twice there.
Mt Airy ? GA or NC ?
NC. You Know............Mayberry RFD?

Charlie and Martha Vaughn are doing a BB rally Starting April 6 A very good time
Is it too early to spend time in the Smoky Mts.? Maybe the Asheville, NC area.

We're enjoying an early spring here in Asheville. I like Rutledge Lakes CG in Fletcher, NC. Things have changed here a bunch over the past thirty years. If you decide to stay here, please shoot me a PM or email. I live 5 miles away from Rutledge CG and would love to swing by to say hi.
David, Thanks for the reply. Yes, We'll try to stay there and keep you posted on our schedule. Would love to meet you. jvdb
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