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Full Version: External LED rail light.. 450LXi
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Had fun installing led lights in the molding that joins the roof aluminum to the SS sides.
I used 2 separate lengths. I split them at the Girard awning split. 16 ft 5 inches and 22 ft. Powered parallel as it is too long as one strip.
Supplied the power with a 120v-12v transformer located above the front door and have remote dimmers for both sections.
The LED's are visible only from almost directly below and the light is directed down.
5630 LED strips were used for the brightness.

LED Dimensions Chip Surface Area Lumen Flux Power Draw
3528 LED 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm 9.8 mm² 6-8 lumens 20-30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
5050 LED 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm 25 mm² 16-22 lumens 60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
5630 LED 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm 16.8 mm² 45-50 lumens 150 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts

Looks great Ross, been thinking about doing this with my M380, maybe this is the motivation that I need!!
That is very nice! I also like the ground effects kits you can install underneath the coach. I would search for LED that you can change the colours if I was going to that trouble. It would be nice and it would be fun to be able to change the colours to suit the season!
The LED's that change colour are 3528's or 5050's. The effect would be nice under the coach, but here I wanted function so opted for the much brighter 5630's. The location of the strip is inside the channel. I was also worried that much of the light would be blocked. It worked out fine as it is easily bright enough to read under.

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