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Full Version: Electronic Filter? ('86 PT-40)
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This time taking the bus out of storage, I was greeted by my clock/tank monitor panel having no power and my backup camera (original) not coming on, electronic horn not functioning... And I'm sure some others.

The Master Disconnect triggers the relay in the left front load center (overhead)-- but there's no power to it. From what I can tell, that yellow wire comes from the electronic filter. I disconnected from the relay to the mastered fuse block, and ran some wire from the mastered circuit breaker bus to the fuse block, and things came back to life.

Radio and CB still don't have power, but this condition existed previous to this failure. I know there's a blown 2A fuse just below my Master Disconnect-- not sure if that goes to the CB/Radio or not.

So-- I suspect a bad electronic filter, based on the schematics. Are people still filtering this, or are we generally bypassing this now?

And, is this (attached) the electronic filter, under the sofa? The case appears screwed down and riveted shut. [attachment=1929]
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