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Full Version: WIFI Range Extender/security/storage/charger.
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Just purchased a great device . For the RV , it is acts as a range extender and as a secure network.
You have it pick up the campground or any available wifi signal (McDonalds) It becomes a secure router , giving you private wifi within the coach. You can have several of your devices run from it . With this , you only need to select the available wifi with this one device, then your PC or other phones/printer will connect. If the wifi is weak, put it in the car, closer to the office/signal.
This one has 128 G memory and acts like a personal cloud. Download from PC or Tablet/phone . Pictures, music etc and up to 7 devices can access the data (with permission)
It has a 7000mA battery . Allows charging of phones or tablets.
Just NEAT !
Their PREMIO click product is also neat. A keyfob remote control for the camera on the phone.
WIFI Range extender/Storage/Charger
That's pretty cool Ross; this will also do wifi bridging for a little less money: http://www.ravpower.com/ravpower-rp-wd01...-bank.html. I'm in the process of migrating SpongeBob to IPTV so I need all the bandwidth toys I can get my hands on.
In my coach, I have bridging and router using a NanaStation antenna. It allows some aiming to better pick up a weak/distant signal. http://ubnt.ca/14-nanostation-m . This is far over my pay grade but enjoy learning.
I have several of the Powerstick products and this MOSAIC is well done with 256 Gig memory internal with the battery. Exceptional quality and simple software OS x or Android. I use it while travelling without the coach. Hotels etc.
Good for Amazon.ca Not sure for Amazon.com

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MOSAIC AMAZON CANADA: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B018YATYAY
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