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Full Version: 1984 Unimog
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Why do I want this thing: New Jersey Craigslist (Bordentown)
if not a 4x4 , what would you do with her ?
Six levers and a knob, I'll find some use for it! LOL! Maybe it can be the platform for a new Wanderlodge!
I've been bidding on these http://www.govplanet.com/Trucks+-+HEMTT you can't sell them so the prices will come down after the heavy funded collectors have their fun. 8v92 powered. I picked up 3 8v92 backup units unused built in 2005 complete with the air drop capsules
Thanks Greg, I want!!!! Have you seen any with high capacity AC generators bolted on? I think having a mobile power station could be fun! Something to backup my solar cells for the coming Armageddon! Ha!
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