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Full Version: location of relay for step on 1995 42'
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My step is stuck in the out position...It worked briefly after I bought it then
it would not go back in. We have air and power to it...I'm thinking it might be a bad relay...

Can anyone tell me where they are located and which one it might be.
Also it would be nice to have a wiring schematic for the step.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me shed light on this.
Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forum. In our Document Library we have a Front Load Center document that lists the fuses and relays associated with the steps: LOAD_CENTER-FRT_95WL42.pdf.

In short (no pun intended!):
Load Center Lower Front:
SK12 Step System
SK34 Step Lights
SK44 Step System Enable Relay

Relay Circuits:
K14, K15, and K15A Entrey Step System

We also have scans of all the schematics for the 95WB over here.

Here's a schematic and troubleshooting guide for a '92-'94WB entryway step. Yours should be the same: [attachment=1901]
thanks for the info, are the relays located in front of the passengers seat
The relays should be located in the outside load center above the headlights.
thanks on the help locating the relays now for the next big? where can I get the air step air regulators and solenoid assembly also the safety strip thanks
there is a switch on the chassis air press tank that opens/closes a 12v path when the tank gets to a low set (52psi) pressure. it will then signal the step to open. the thinking is ; steps deploy at the last possible pressure so they are extended past the cam/over. therefor you need the chassis tanks full of psi when you test.
also check the switch in the door to see that continuity changes open and close,
also I usually remove the clevis pin on the clippard ram when I screw with steps because they deploy forcefully and can pinch off a finger
there are two mercury filled contact switches on the step arms (one inch long 3/8 inch black tubes plastic with two wires out one end. one for open one for closed. if the clamps are lose, try and reposition them to see if they make the thing work. replace the zipties and screw if this is the issue.
I will post a pic from my phone later of my step arms and the mercury switches
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