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Full Version: 1978 FC-33 @ Craig's List 11-01-15
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1978 FC-33 Turbo diesel w/56K miles $18,500 (3 ext. pics) located in Yuma, AZ.

numbers in craigs list that are photographs are often done so they are not indexed on google searches. if you google the phone number 619-980-0808 you will find an old post over at the other site. I believe it is a scam posting.
I use google searches of phone numbers to get info on customers, employees and salesmen. if you are dating it may help there too. a number is more unique than an name. another unique search is a persons prefix email or website username. funny how these searches prove more results that their legal names
That coach was sold about 5 years ago in good condition to a person on the Gulf Islands in BC. I think this is the same coach. I am pretty sure that person has since sold the coach again and I believe it headed back across the border to the US.

What has happened from there is anyone's guess but the ad does look suspicious and requests information that looks like phishing.

If you are going to respond I would set up an email account just for that use and an email should be enough info if they are serious. Proceed with caution.

Good tips Greg!
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