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Full Version: Judy Tenuda on a bus
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We had fun with Judy Tenuta on the back of our bus in the Palm Springs California Pride Parade. Judy and her husband were a bunch of fun. Great part about her is she never refused photo opts with any fan. Here are a couple of shots and some images of the mods. We have 6400 watts of sound and a mechanical shoe. Fun day.
The shoe is unbelievable Greg, looks like you have all the safety kinks worked out. Good fun, great weather, great folks, thanks for sharing. Smile

The LXi looks fantastic. Any other projects coming up? You got the radiator repaired and I assume the slide and jacks are working. What's next.
I pulled the wabasto end of the aquahot and made a parts order. The parts order has arrived a few months ago. I decided not to rely on the unassembled steps to direct reassembly and parts numbers used because who ever serviced it used dull Philips drivers and it looks like they opened up the fuel pump with the wrong driver. I did not test it for operation because I can smell fuel. In the $700 order of parts is a new fuel pump, bearings, washers and service parts. I ran thru a peer video on a rebuild and the one grey area that remains is the direction of the pair of spring washers behind the plastic fan . Here is the video

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