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Full Version: M450's For Sale
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If you don't like the engine I know an outfit that will swap the cat out for a DD S60. They do it all the time on transit buses.

Here's another M450. I looked at this bus when I was at Marathon Dallas a few weeks ago. These M450 coaches are a bargain. This one was traded in for a Prevost Marathon.
the coach that was sold in Weatherford for under 200 grand was an even bigger bargain
American Fleet, Inc, Springfield, Mo is a popular provider of DD S60 engines in the Prevost world. They also do a significant number of engine swaps. Passenger buses that come in with Cat's and ZF's are upgraded to newly rebuilt DD Series 60's and Allisons. The cost of the reliable S60/Allison amortized over the remaining life of the passenger bus makes the swap economically feasible.
Brenda wants a bedroom slide with king bed- with our 4 poodles and the cat on board- our bedroom is too small- and side stepping around the east- west bed is a pain
Ernie, if there were no women, there would be no slides! Smile
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