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Full Version: Squeak in cabinet
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Ever since purchasing our coach, 2 years ago, there has been a persistent squeak in the driver upper control cabinet. Took the electronic panel off, and found about 6 empty screw holes- that should have been holding the cabinet to the wall, front cabinet, and ceiling. All secure- and it will not move when I push on it.
That has to make you feel great Ernie Smile there are times I hear a noise, and say this must be fixed , but Erika keeps playing hahaha Just kidding , I really don t mind it too much , my hearing is not that good anyway , must have been from raising 4 daughters ?? Good Job seriously Smile
Suzana never had any patience for me either. I can't blame her after having her spend the good part of a morning searching for a noise around the entryway door only to realize I forgot to enable the air lock!

On my LXi I had some pretty bad squeaks coming from the floor, but once Ernie installed a new hardwood floor that went away. Ernie, remember all the luan and cork we pulled out? I think it was the cork compressing that made noise. The cork compressed and the luan squeaked on the fasteners.

Another source of squeaks in my LXi were interior wall panel and cabinetry screws grinding against 14 gauge interior gusset panels. BB often fastened cabinetry to 5/8" plywood wall panels but the screws protruded all the way thru the plywood only to squeak against the interior wall sheet metal gusset.
We had a part time rattle/noise for several years. It sounded like someone was knocking on the floor or cabinet. Could not pin it down. Was on the roof doing something and noticed what appeared to be a shiny spot under the fold down antenna tip, put a piece of Styrofoam under it and never heard it again. I guess when the antenna was down, it would move and hit the roof.
Ernie, when I go to your place this year, I'll bring a good listening device, maybe we can pin it down to a specific area, like where in the wall we thought it is in.
Steve- we are going to replace that relay that hums that drives me nuts and I don't even own your coach
Sounds good to me. Now that I have good hearing again, it bothers me also.
drove 600 miles this weekend- dam squeak is still there-
Just hang on, put your earmuffs on, we will get it in Dec.
I turn up the radio volume
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