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Full Version: My New Baby
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Today my wife gave birth to healthy baby girl, 8 lbs 12.4 oz. Mom and baby are resting and doing perfectly! Dad is a mess! LOL! Smile
Congratulations David & Suzanne Smile Way to Go David !!
Congrats to all. Glad everything went well.

Keep this up and soon you're going to need an Airstream bunkhouse to haul behind the bus! Angel
Best wishes from us old folks in Weatherford, Tx
Congregations and best wishes from the old folks in Ponchatoula, La.
hey David , did not happen without Pictures Smile Please do send us old grand Parents some pics buddy hahaha
Congratulations on your new daughter! Great to hear both Mom and baby are doing well.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Everyone continues to do well and Mom and baby should be home by Friday. Today I'll take the other three over to meet their sibling. My little girl, Camilla, wants to see the baby before we choose a name. Couldn't be better. Smile

The bus can sleep us all, but I may need more fresh water space. I have three girls now; any guesses as to how long a 180 gallon water tank will last? LOL! Smile
Congratulations. Daughters ARE great .
A water bladder on the roof may be the ticket.
Congratulations David and Suzanne! Three girls and a boy my guess is your going to be a busy guy for awhile to come! All the best to mom and your new little girl and of course you.
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