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Full Version: LXi weight reduction
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As we know the 43' LXi became heavier as the production schedule continued. Lots of threads document BB's weight reduction efforts including a reduction in fuel tank volume and the introduction of vinyl flooring, and deletion of the front water tank and the bulk oil fill; along with these changes BB increased the steer axle capacity to 16000 lb. I once took a magnet to all of my exterior panels on my 2002 LXi and noticed the entire roof on my LXi was made of aluminum panels. Put this down as another significant component in BB's 43' LXi weight reduction program. During my magnet examination I noted that the outside load center door is aluminum, as well as the entryway door (although this is standard BB and not part of the reduction), I also found an assortment of other aluminum doors such as the transmission dipstick cover, but this is not likely a result of the weight reduction. My fan enclosure and shroud for the generator radiator is aluminum, the floor of the Aquahot compartment is aluminum as are all the basement walls and ceilings, and the entire glendenning shore chord cabinet is aluminum as are the two trays which support the 6 4D batteries!

BB should have continued those weight reduction practices as they began building the M450 models.

I guess my 97 is a beast
I believe I have the extra water tank, and the 240 g fuel tank , maybe 260 but no way 300g that s for sure .
It's quite amazing the amount of work that BB went thru to reduce weight. If I recall correctly, I think the inner metal panels of the fiberglass basement doors are also aluminum as is the floor of the generator cooling fan compartment. In his famous deposition, Erik Johnson said it's far cheaper and easier to throw a higher capacity steer axle on a coach than it is to put a coach on a diet.
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