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Full Version: 450 side door locks
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I'm beating my head Huh trying to trouble shoot why my side compartments locks quit working. Fuse is good. The relays under the drivers seat compartment clicking. When I use the key fob. I'm at a loss. One question I have is? If one lock motor goes bad do the rest of the lockers quit working? Any feedback would be awesome.
If the relays are 12v and good, you need to check and see if the lock motors are fried, easy to do if you hold the lock switch more than 2 seconds.

I had chronic failure of the dash switch and had to use a key. After replacing relays several times and all door motors, we found a frayed wire with broken copper threads behind the instrument panel above the steering wheel. The wire connected the rocker switch on the dash to the locking "actuator." New wire installed and it works like new.
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