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Full Version: First time owner
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We need a lil help with our generator.... We have a 1997 Bluebird BMC and it has original 25k miles on it. Hardly used, looks like new inside.

Need 3 injection pumps for Isuzu motor (Generator) frozen up... We don't know where to begin to look. Took week to figure out what was wrong.

I'd probably start by calling Power Tech: http://www.powertechgenerators.com/. Then I'd google "Isuzu injector pump". Here's one somewhat promising link.
I was thinking , Google Isuzu motors . If she is not working, and you know its the motor, go that way .

But your post does say Genny ? . is it a elect issue,or Motor ? I would call you buy your name, but I do not see one Smile say hello , we don t bite Smile
that is the bus I posted last week! I would run the izoo over a bit with a battery and some diesel dropped in the removed injectors. if it locked up it could be the gen head causing an issue. you need to spool up a diesel to speed, that is why the load from the gen takes time to click on. remember the way to shut down a diesel is by removing fuel flow so make sure the electric sol is clicking open and shooting diesel when the injectors are removed and you try to spin. electric starters on gensets seem to go out because they often get used on low batteries and that eats up the bearing and brushes. wont hurt to just spend 300 to buy a brand new starter since you are into it good I have not had good luck with over the counter rebuilt starters. If you have a good alt shop a rebuild is prob ok but....... (use the old starter to turn the motor over for exercise)
This site is just awesome - so much great help and insight here Smile
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