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Full Version: The timing just wasn't right... coach was perfect.
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What can I say, the practical side of me won and I had to let a beautiful coach go to someone else. The price was great but I've been out of work for over a year and am just getting into real estate so there's no guarantee of a paycheck any time soon (enough).Sad

I'll just be another damn lurker for a while longer.
Hi Michael,

Sorry it didn't work out but glad that you know it's not the right time. These coaches retailed at a million dollars when new. Today you can pick one up for quite a bit less, but the maintenance and upkeep costs the same as a million dollar coach. It's wise to back out now rather then have the coach degrade into a lawn ornament as some do. Many folks don't fully realize what they're signing up for; you do! Thanks! We're all simply caretakers of these marvelous machines. They need a good home where they will be cared for. Maybe next time! ")
David, does this make me the president of the FOD club?
Oh stop it Greg! I'm still gonna be around everyday watching and learning... And when I'm ready look out! ?
Check out bmc non tag pusher 94 ish with a cummins. They are bluebird quality conversion on a n8c3 chassis you can pick up a 94 for 28 grand.
Thanks Greg but I'm looking for a 2000/2001 LXi 43'
check out this one. http://greenville.craigslist.org/rvs/5153676501.html I did a search tempest search
when you do a search tempest search, ater the first page of results load, go to the bottom and tick the box next to More Cities then click more cities. Dont piss this guy off
guys , there is a 2000 LXI here at parliament that can be bought right . she is a Ds with a little under 100k on her. Give ken a call if interested and talk turkey , I understand the owner is ready to sell . I am here till fri and would discuss on the phone , we could do a walk thru together Smile 386 290 3444 http://parliamentmotorcoach.com/
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