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Full Version: Friends of Dorothy
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Okay, so maybe Dave will allow a "Friends of Dorothy" area for those of us who would like to have "representation."
Hi Michael,

Do you mean to create a subforum or is a simple thread good enough?
I dont see a need to set up a subclass. On the pet group; noone has pets when it come time to sell. On the solo thing; if you are a loner, why would you seek a group? on the LGBT thing, Who the hell is Dorthy? I just dont think there is enough people to set up subgroups and from first hand knowledge subgroups at events under 300 rigs kind of resemble clicks. I fight real hard to stop clicks from innocent formation in The Rainbowrv club
Wow, the Air Stream forums over at http://www.airforums.com are something else. 129,527 threads, 1,617,948 Posts, 93,816 Members. I can see over there one might wish to seek out a peer group to hang with. Smaller sub-groups make sense. Airforums is like a city. WaGu is a small country town where everyone knows your name. There's no need to make distinctions and if we tried any one sub-group may consist of only a single individual. We're here to blend and to help each other regardless of creed, social status, political party, or even orientation; our driving force and what bonds us is the love of all things Wanderlodge. Given this, WaGu doesn't need to be about LifeStyle. Maybe someday, but not right now.
The only group separation that would work may be geographical with one platform that hold files and announcements for each group so other regions can visit and attend events. If you want to set up a cms on this server with a package like php Joomla jomsocial I can forward Wanderlodge.club to the page or sub folder. I have developer access to Jomsocial so there is no charge for the package but I would not be able to run it other than help set up and consult.

Groups like Lonestar, Southwest BB etc will wither out unless there is a good turnover and a one stop place for files and view. You can start out by uploading their details and images with permission and give the principals monitoring authorship and moderator rights for their group.
Lonestar birds have been around longer than most of these forums. I know. I'm one of the co-founders. No withering out in our group
Withering is relative .
Whose relative? No one that I know of with the name Withering.
Like Ernie said, and I/we have been going to the Lonestar rallies for almost 15 years.
Hey maybe Dorothy was friends with Heathcliffe..... oh just a sec...wait no that was Wuthering not Withering. I heard he was pretty mean.
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