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Full Version: Glad I found you
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I'm new here, just investigating Wanderlodges trying to figure out which one I want! Wow, is that tough. I've been looking and investigating off and on for a year now. Sooo, I'll be exploring around and asking for advice from the good people here. I hope to go full time in about a year or so and I'd like to do it in a vintage Wanderlodge!
Hi Opuntia,

Welcome to the forum! Back in the day, when Wanderlodge was still in business somehow the definition of a Vintage Bird came to be. It was arbitrarily set as a bird that's 5 years old or older. Well, now it seems all birds but the very latest Premier XL are vintage. (I think the last of the Premier XL's rolled off the factory line in 2009 so they have one more year before these too will be declared vintage.) Smile The good news for you is that if you want 'vintage' you pretty much have the entire Wanderlodge lineup to choose from! Smile Ask away!
Hi David and thanks for the welcome!

I know I want a Bird from the late 80's, I just don't know which one. I think the engine and water leaks worry me the most. Where in here can I ask questions about that and models from the late 80's? Plus, I'm handy, but I'm no Wanderlodge restorer, so if I find one that needs work, I'll need to find someone who knows how to work on it. I'm hoping I might find someone in this forum who does restoration work. I'd like to do some of it, but electrical and engine stuff, forget it.

Thanks again for the cheery hello!
Hi Opuntia,

It occurred to me that WaGu doesn't have a general purpose forum for questions about what Wanderlodge to buy, so I created one:

For those of us who are trying to decide whether to buy a Forward Control (FC), Pusher Tag (PT), Single Axle Pusher (SP), Wide Body Pusher (WB), BMC, LX, LXi, M380, M450, or Premier XL? Post your questions here:

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Awesome! I appreciate that!
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