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Full Version: Adjustable Ride Height
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Coming to the Wanderlodge from the GMC, I wonder why our LX 40 does not have driver adjustable ride height. It appears that by adding an adjustable air spring control system such as the ACCUAIR electronic leveling system we could have three computer controlled ride heights in place of the existing one. We also would have the ability to quickly level when parking, by using the air system, instead of using the HWH jacks. Also by using both systems we could level the coach on parking areas where not possible using just the HWH jacks. Extra clearance for steep driveways would be available by the touch of a button.

It looks like the cost would be $2000 or less, if doing it yourself. Please tell me why this cannot be done or why it is a bad idea. Other ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Hal Kading
2003 LX 40
1978/1998 Buskirk Stretch GMC
It is a good idea, and it can be done. Just call HWH, they can sell you everything you need or if you are in their part of the country, they will install it for you.
I have air and jacks for levelling on my coach. I believe the air was an upgrade
FYI .... The 450 has a Hadley system.
Ride height is not adjustable, but the back of the coach can be raised with a button under 20 ? mph (for a dip or railway tracks etc.) Pressing and holding the same "Raise " button raises the entire coach to maximum (under 10? mph). Lowering for clearance is also available at low speed. The system returns to Drive height automatically. Same when one depressurizes the tag. (doesn't lift).
For levelling: At low speed the system will sense if the coach can achieve level . Then the air system will level the coach. (quite accurately ) There is a "Big Foot" auto or manual hydraulic system also. Referred to as a "Stabilizer" not a jack.

In all coaches, the 4 point "Active air" system was removed.
I think that the air system would be a nice way to level the coaches as well! I also think that there must be some reason they never made it the system for leveling instead of mechanical jacks. Too many air leaks? Too much stress on the system?

Two thousand dollars to do it sounds like a significant investment if it's not a good idea.... did Blue Bird decide that it was fraught with too many issues with the 450's and remove it?
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