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Full Version: Bought a New Toad
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It's a Ford Flex with the Ecoboost. Quarter mile times in 12.5s keeps Dad happy; comfortable seating for six keeps a very pregnant Mom happy! Smile
Also have one, easier to get in and out of than my Caddy and more comfortable. Love it.
Anyone want to buy a slightly used Cadillac. One owner, little old lady only it to go to church on Sundays and take the dog to the vets office. Plus, one or two trips to a quilt shop.
Heh heh heh ya! That's all I have to say! Yeah!Big Grin
Nice toad. I have a 2014 MKX.Same basic front end. Also nice. Issue with it draining battery occasionally. Fortunately my jumpers are long enough to reach without disconnecting. I've talked to a few owners of similar vehicles. One put in "Knife " battery disconnect. Others a hot wire to battery. Fordco denies a problem and suggested that I install an inverter and battery charger (but then said that warranty would suffer). Try googling problem.
I have issue with adaptive cruise control now. This just started but I'm sure it will be due to tow brackets Smile . Such is life.

The key fob reset is in the consul ,at the front, bottom. Fits into it.


Is the Flex towable? You will love the Ecoboost, I have that motor in my F150 and love it. Great mileage and plenty fast...........
Ross, I also developed a cruise adaptive problem. Found out(after dealer fixed it, under warranty) was that the sensor was not adjusted correctly(don't know how that happenedHuh) but it has to be aimed correctly with the bumper off, and then test driven at highway speeds for a fixed distance.
It is behind the black panel just below the bumper.
Is yours set up as toad? Mine worked fine for 6 months. I'll take it in next week.
It is flat towable Chuck, that's the beauty. It has the 365hp twin turbo Ecoboost, a six speed automatic transmission, and all wheel drive and it's towable! The owners manual describes the tow operation:

1) Release the parking brake,
2) Place the transmission in N,
3) Start the engine and allow to run for five minutes on six hour intervals. With the engine running and a foot on the brake, shift into position D and then into R before shifting back into position N.
4) Good for the next six hours; don't exceed 65mph.
That's what's nice with the 4WD vehicles. Put it in neutral and go. No speed limits, no time limits, no nothing. Just go. My Expedition EL should be here the end on next month.
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