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Full Version: Muriel's closed
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Well, another day in the Wanderlodge history books - it appears Muriel's Upholstery has closed.

I had bookmarked a listing for them about two weeks ago intending to stop by for a couple of refresh items. Today, I called to schedule and got a 'number disconnected or not in service' message. I did a quick Google refresh and found this as one of the first listings:

Guess I was a tad late in scheduling! Angry

If anyone has information to the contrary, please let me know.
A sad day Mike, and also a sad reminder of all the tier providers who suffered when Wanderlodge closed. Sad
Well, a quick update on this topic. Muriel's closed, but James Edwards (who worked for Muriel for 27 years) is keeping the upholstery business alive, under his name now. He is leasing the other side of the building that Muriel owns and has set up shop. Since Ed Wimberly recommended him, and since James has been doing work on Birds for such a long time, we stopped in Fort Valley about 10 days ago on our way back home on our recent trip and had him update our front seats in Ultraleather. We think they came out pretty well. The attached iPhone photos probably don't do them justice. James can be reached at 678-794-2878 if you are interested in scheduling some work.

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