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Full Version: Sighting - where have all the Blue Birds gone?
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Having covered 11 states and 3,050 miles so far since June 27, we have to ask (with apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary I think it was), but where have all the Blue Birds gone? Not a long time passing, but no time passing.

So far, we have spotted a grand total of 1 (probably 88 or 89, silver and black) headed opposite us, going east on 70, while east of Frederick, MD. We waved, but saw no response. Maybe with our bright green color they mistook us for SOB! Big Grin

I know that our Birds are a rare breed, but we usually see more than one in that amount of traveling.

Even so, we are so blessed to be temporary caretakers of these wonderful machines. In the past 7 days alone, two current park residents have stopped by to compliment us on our 'beautiful rig'. One asked if he could sketch it and then he hung around the opposite side of the roadway doing just that. Never saw the final result though.

Enjoying the highways and byways while headed back south..... and enjoying the best fuel mileage ever!
Mike, I wish I knew you were going right by my home as I would have invited you to stopover! If you are coming back by my home, with space for your rig, is in Spencerville, MD. I myself am going to Harrison, AR on August 18 to pick up my 1989 WLWB 40 and bring him home!

Thanks for the offer! I wish we had known sooner as we did have time for a stopover on that leg. Pulled out of Bull Run Regional Park, near Manassas, yesterday morning headed south. Looped around 234 to 95 on the far south side of DC, but I had forgotten how bad the traffic was in the DC area. Took about 2 hours for the first 16 miles on 95, and a total of 7 grueling hours to cover a measly 220 miles. Right now we are back on our southern swing back home, parked at Chesapeake's Northwest River Park about half way between Norfolk and Elizabeth City, NC as I have to visit clients in both those places this coming week.

Next stops include clients in Statesville, NC and Greenville, SC in case anyone is along those routes. After that, it's probably drop down into Georgia and across the southern tier back to San Antonio.

Enjoy your ride back home from AR in a couple of weeks. Interstate traffic is not bad until you hit Virgina!
Yesterday I spotted a mid 90's wide body at the Mecum car auctions at the farm show building in Harrisburg PA. We're even so far Mike - total count of one! Smile
While we were in Alaska in early July we saw an early 1990's heading for Homer, Ak. My guess is they love halibut.
I ran across this M380 at a park in Redlands, CA. It looks like the bus that Robert Britton once owned.
Sure does look like Brittons (previous) coach. I wonder what Robert is up to regarding another coach? The current owner could chime, maybe? ED, your out there?
Curt, I would tell you but I have been sworn to secrecy..LOL Rolleyes
Had the coach in at Redlands for some maintenance. Preparing for our first big trip back to the east coast in September. Redlands is an outstanding facility with great technicians. The coach was stored in their offsite facility, waiting on a few parts. Love the bus.... draws a crowd wherever she goes.

On one of my first excursions.... I broke the slide. Well not broke, just stuck in an error state... double error messages. Unable to reset the unit, but never fear. I have discovered the original systems integrator for the Bluebird and am traveling to his facility in Georgia, where he can talk to, clear and reset my PLC and the Terminal for the living room slide.

Chuck, I noticed your coach at Redlands for your rear structure repair.. Actually I negotiated with the previous owner... but could not get close enough to settle. Beautiful Coach... never thought the Florida weather could do all that.....

My guess is Robert will re-surface in the future.... you can count on it.


Florida salt air will destroy a copper cored radiator in a few years.

Johnney Anderson may be able to re set your slide PLC with directions over the phone. He knows more about the slide operation in a M380 than anyone I know. He worked at Bluebird while they were building the M380. I've lost track of where he is presently. Last I knew he was back at Parliament Coach. He may be in business for himself now. Here is the most recent cell # I have for him> 727 433 4579
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