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Full Version: Low air pressure switch on 82 PT40
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Anyone know where the low air pressure switch on a PT40 is located? I see two air tanks above the differential, but no switch there.

I have good air pressure, but the warning light and buzzer remain on.

Any help appreciated.
Our 1987 PT38 has three low air/12V pressure switches. One is located forward of the drive axle, up high and behind the frame cross member...real PITA but doable. The 2nd one is located out front of the drivers area. Can't recall where the 3rd one is located. Ten years ago I replaced them all. No false low air lights and buzzer since then.
Thanks Curt, I found one, just above the steers, with the other two valves. Looking at it wondering how to get to it. I'll figure it out I guess. I suspect it's the front.
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