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Full Version: Time for a New Slide Seal
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Found a leak today in our Lxi's living room slide seal. We had the seal changed out in April just prior to our taking delivery from the PO so not sure why it failed so quickly. I didn't see any sharp edges or screws near the small hole but its really hard to check. Does anyone have a recommended RV repair shop in the SoCal area that would be familiar with these seals? I've heard of Redlands RV but not sure they've done seals like these. We're just north of San Bernardino...very close to where the I-15 fire was this last weekend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
John, How do you know you have a hole in the seal ? I mean did you see it ? the reason I ask is cause I thought I had a hole also but it turned out to be the inflate sensor , there is a inflate and deflate I don't have the invoice in from of me but I will find it if you can not find a hole .
yeah, it's a hole. I can't really see it but I can put my finger on it and stop the leak. Guess I'll have to stand outside all night plugging the hole so the coach doesn't get drafty Wink

If you have access enough to put your finger over the hole, you should be able to seal the hole. If it is small, try covering it with just super glue or use a small piece of rubber (bike tube patch) and super glue. If you are able to patch the hole, just make sure not to inflate the seal until the glue is super dry so as not to stick the seal to the slide body. Maybe some baby powder over the repair........

Much cheaper than replacing the seal. A slide seal should last at least a few years. Usually it is grit like sand and dirt that wears a hole in them overtime. Also, make sure that the pressure is not too high, I think about 12#s is sufficient.

BTY, my seal is good and I believe it to be 15 years old. I do not have an air operated toilet so I don't need to run the 12v Thomas compressor. I installed a switch and keep it turned off most of the time. The engine compressor keeps the air seal inflated while we are traveling and I have never had a problem with water or wind coming through the seal when sitting as the seal stays inflated or partially inflated until we are moving again or at least until I have to air up to dump the tanks at which time it is re pressurized to the full 12#s. It does deflate & re-inflate during the slide in/out sequence and usually takes 30 to 45 seconds to do so.

Another good reason to dump that air operated troublesome Microphor toilet....
Thanks for the recommendation on patching the hole. I will definitely give that a try.... and hopefully will save a wad of cash. We wanted to take a short trip up the coast in the next few weeks but I'm having reservations about it with the seal blown. I'll let you know how the patching goes.
One question though; how do you check the air pressure and set it at 12#s? I see two regulators? just under the slide in second compartment. Is there an adjustment on these? I was thinking that the pressure might be too high and that's why the new seal blew out. Definitely want to check the pressure prior to attempting a patch.

The previous owner ditched the Microphor toilet and put in a macerator type...seems to work ok and doesn't require an air source.
John, The seal would not stop me nor should it stop you Smile As Chuck said while driving you will have plenty of air for the seal and when your stopped , with no air, you will have no problem extending your slide so you and your family can enjoy your spacious Living room Smile

When your slide seal was replaced in April did they use an HWH seal or a Brady seal? With such an early failure and with no obvious signs of sharp edges or installation error I'm sure either supplier will warranty their product and supply you with a replacement seal.
It is a Brady seal and I do plan on calling DRI to see if I can get a replacement. I just need to find a reputable RV center in SoCal that can do the work. The super glue fix that Chuck recommended though will be my first approach but I'd like to have a new seal ready to go should that option fail.
Hi John,

I thought it was a Brady seal. You and I spoke on the phone a while back. I'm sure Roger at DRI will replace replace the seal at zero to little cost, but I understand that doesn't help with the cost or inconvenience of a new install. I'm very interested to know more about the failure once you gather more information. Was it at a corner or at one of the eight seems, etc.
David, Time will only tell but as we both know, the correct install procedure is very important. Given that the Brady seal's wall is thicker than the HWH seal, this hole was probably caused either by a sharp burr or was pinched or otherwise damaged during the install process. An inferior seal would not be my first inclination.
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