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Full Version: Air Pressure Stabilization
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A one way valve between the Gast aux compressor, and the air dump valves was leaking which kept my suspension from staying up for more than 12 hours. I replaced the valve, and noticed that the air powered Dupree black waste valve was leaking from around the shaft. After 24 hours both the gauge at the Gast, and the wet bay gauge read zero due to the black valve leak. My suspension is still fully inflated, and has not dropped according to my measurements.
Is my understanding correct that these are tied together? If so, why did my suspension drop before replacing the one way valve, and now it does not.
Hi Jeff,

This is for you 95WB right? I think it's the same as my LXi. I'll verify that as soon as I get a chance to check our Document Library schematics. Till then, I think the aux compressor pressurizes the accessory air tank and the suspension and dump valves draw from the accessory system. If the check valve is faulty then the accessory system can leak down thru the aux compressor.
now I see in the signature a 95
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