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Full Version: Aqua Hot exhaust
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While pulling out of a rather steep parking lot exit I heard a scraping sound as the coach (2003 LX 40) crossed the hump. Checking I found the Aqua Hot exhaust pipe hangs down 3 or 4 inches midway between the steer and drive axles. absolutely worst place for clearance. Any suggestions on relocating, raising or other ideas to increase clearance?

My GMC has the capability of inflating the air bags to gain clearance in town. Is this a possibility with the LX?

Hal Kading
2003 LX40
Las Cruces NM
Hi Hal,

There was an LX/LXi option for raising the rear air suspension. You can see it here: Document Library->Models->LXi-> LXi Print Package->LXiPrintPackage#4.pdf, page 4, assembly 3, and assembly 4. What's not shown is the pilot needed to actuate valves V2 and the two V4's. The V4's bypass the height control valves (HCV) and V2 supplies tank pressure directly to the drive axle air springs. As the rear of the bus lifts, the tag axle air pressure regulator adds additional air to the tag axle air springs thereby offering additional lifting force. It's as simple as three 2-way pneumatic valves and a pilot control solenoid! The way it works on my Prevost is that the pilot control is a momentary switch. As long as I hold the switch, the suspension lifts. As soon as I let go the HCV's take over.
I believe that the exhaust can be routed differently without too much trouble. Mine is lowered about 4 inches, but is in front of drive axle- out of the way of dips, etc
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