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Full Version: Bendix ABS Chuff Test
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Has anyone ever tried this on their Bendix ABS equipped Wanderlodges? (the video mistakenly calls it a huff test).

From the Bendix Manual:

"After the performance of the configuration test, the EC-60™ controller will perform a Bendix-patented PMV Chuff Test. The Chuff Test is an electrical and pneumatic PMV test that can assist maintenance personnel in verifying proper PMV wiring and installation. With brake pressure applied, a properly installed PMV will perform one sharp audible exhaust of air by activating the hold solenoid twice and the release solenoid once. If the PMV is wired incorrectly, it will produce two exhausts of air or none at all. The EC-60™ controller will perform a PMV chuff test on all installed modulators in the following order:

• Steer Axle Right PMV
• Steer Axle Left PMV
• Drive Axle Right PMV
• Drive Axle Left PMV
• Additional Axle Right PMV
• Additional Axle Left PMV

The pattern will then repeat itself. The ECU will not perform the PMV Chuff Test when wheel speed sensors how that the vehicle is in motion."
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