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Full Version: Ride Height/Air Bag Measurement
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[attachment=1731][attachment=1732][attachment=1733]Might be my imagination, but height seems to have changed. Do the pics of the air bags look normal?
The tag looks overinflated. You probably know this but the air spring height should be measured from the bottom of the piston to the top of the bead plate as shown here:

Specs for the non-tag-steer LXi are:
steer and drive: 8" +- 3/16"
tag: 12.72"

When things get out of kilter on an LXi it's usually a height control valve (HCV) or a panhard rod bushing (transverse link). Those spec's are from Ridewell. On my LXi my tag was always a bit higher than Ridewell's specs. If I recall, my tag air spring height measure around 14". I think BlueBird set the suspension up slightly differently from Ridewell's specs. BlueBird like the front to be raked down slightly which would add some height to the tag air springs.
Blue Bird told me 9" plate to plate. May be different for a 99 but I think it may be more with whom you talked.
While on the subject of ride height, my 94 travels at a slight nose down attitude. Doesn't seem to bother anything, rides and handles well. Ive noticed other 94's seem to exhibit the same attitude. Why is it configured this way?
Mine is that way also, Tommy, maybe they(the BB engineers) figured less worry about the rear of the coach dragging on steep driveways.
Hi Tommy,

Bennie Collier told me (back in the day) that BB likes to have the coaches raked down in the front by three quarters of an inch or so. I guess they found over the years that the coaches handled and road better this way.
on a recent air bag measure and adjust repair the tech was not able to get all bags to measure equal. Does any GuRu have any thoughts on what might be going on ?

all rear bags 8+- 3/16 front not the case . No mater what they did they could not get them all to measure upSad
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