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Full Version: LXi Convection oven
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The Sharp convection oven in my bus must have a blown internal fuse. I looked under the control panel in the front of the unit and no luck finding the fuse . The power cord is accessed from the right side cabinet by removing the back wall and hinge the side wall out 90 deg. power is ok there but not to the light or unit output. My Plan..... remove the unit entirely and install a new one. Problem... how does it come out. I found two long anchor bolts under the two bottom fan filters covers running 45 deg to the back wall galvanized install bracket but making them loose has no effect on the fit and hold. I viewed between the cubby and the unit and find no side attachment ( I need to run a flat rod to feel for attachment point today). top of convection cubby is the slide roof.

Mine was held in by a wall plate with a small 1" (or so) shelf at the base along with the two rods you mentioned. I released the rods and the microwave tilted down. Then I had to lift the back up slightly to release the back of the microwave from the wall bracket. Be careful, it's heavy! I made a platform to allow the microwave to tilt down preventing it from crashing into my corian countertop. If you remove the upper grill you may find some screws fastening the oven to the upper cabinet.
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