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Full Version: Slide 101
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LXi Slide operation.
I put off extending the slide on my new LXi during the trip to California. now it is time to get accustom to the process.I remember a bunch of input on the process and hope to move things over here

1. Re-level, it seems that the hwh panel will not drop all 4 when I hit auto level, however I can push all 4 down with the other toggles. will this work to make it level and slide.
2.does the transmission bypass toggle need to be set back to "check system"
I had some time to look at the slide and found that there is no lights on the control box what so ever. (i even closed the bay door as David explained on the phone) is there a master fuse for the hwh system. I do see many fuses within the box and all check out good
(03-19-2015 16:50)GregOConnor Wrote: [ -> ]I had some time to look at the slide and found that there is no lights on the control box what so ever. (i even closed the bay door as David explained on the phone) is there a master fuse for the hwh system. I do see many fuses within the box and all check out good

The slide panel has two lights. One yellow and one red. Neither are lit until the slide operation begins. The yellow lite comes on up to 45 seconds after the switch is turned side ways and when the seal is fully deflated. The red light is the hyd pump lite, it comes on during the extend and retract movement and goes off when the slide is fully extended or retracted.

Hope this helps,,,

I forgot to mention that the way to allow the hwh jacks to auto level the bus is to press the on button twice.

Attached is the procedure we use to operate the slide.
Thank you for the info. The lights that I was looking for are the little led lights on the circuit board in the bay. The HWH jacks deploy as expected and make it close to level. I tried adjusting the level and this did not work to deflate the bag and enable slide movement. . behind the aluminum cover for the HWH circuit board in the bay . I did find that the circuit board is powered and the power comes from the hwh pump lug just forward of the bay in the open behind the genset. surprised that the line in is not fused.

I found that the Batt fuse on the circuit board has power but the ign. fuse has no 12v power. I then opened up the key plate for the slide ( in the kitchen cabinet) and found the power side has power but I was using a test light and I believe it is very low voltage. the light hardly illuminated.

I need to find the jack pressure switches and trick them to show pressure then find the bay door switches and trick them into being closed then see if the room slide powers up. Does anyone know the hwh product number of the levelers and the slide? here is a link to the hwh trouble shoot manuals http://www.hwh.com/service34.html
Hi Greg,

The transmission switch doesn't need to be set back to "check system". I ran for many years with my slide pins disabled which required the transmission switch to be toggled. I uncoupled the pin lock solenoids at the HWH manifold, threw the transmission toggle switch, and snipped the purple alarm/low pressure idiot light lead in the exterior load center beneath the driver window. Bennie Collier explained to me that the pins are there for the belts and suspenders crowd and that it's safe to rely on the 3500 psi hydraulic ramp pressure to keep the slide in.

The leveling system on the LXi's is HWH's 680 series. Documentation can be found here.

Also be sure to check out these word documents which contain invaluable fuse locations and functions scattered about the 4 load centers within the LXi: Fuse and Relay Locations

There's also a set of chassis electrical schematics over here which document the luggage door, transmission, ignition, and parking brake interlocks which need to be ascerted for proper slide operation.
My caution is to not accidently find the problem and not realize the repair. That would continue the gremlin slide problem the pool had. I documented my sequence and all the voltage led and any reaction at each step. Took pictures of all the hwh appliances key pads and wires then sent everything to Hwh. A technical adviser called back and said key pad and the fuse for the circuit board ignition should have 12 volts. Some rv builders use this input to prompt other safety steps like cutting voltage if normaly/safe switches are closed. He asked me to follow the brown wire to ignition where I found a incomplete crimped butt connecto the connector was not issue bluebird but a repair and the wire con t inured to a relay aftermarket install at the passanger toe panel . I re spliced and made a solder connection then ran the slide in and out. I also tried to start the slide operation with the bay door open and that safety prompt is still working. I like the safety prompts but would also like to know how to bypass. I don't understand why the butt connector and relay was used for that splice So I ran a new ignition powered supply from the driver outside Fuse location.
Way to go Greg. My guess is an RV facility wired around a faulty ignition switch power source. Here's a schematic for the HWH stuff; you've probably seen it already:

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