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Full Version: WaGu Rally- Oct 29-Nov 1
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Who's up for another great rally in Asheville?? We're going to go back to Rutledge Lake RV Park in Fletcher, NC, as it's very well located for having fun in the area. Dates are Oct 29-Nov 1. There are several sites already set aside under WaGu. This time, we'll have the lakeside sites, so we'll be much closer to the activities building. The rally rate is $157.60 for all three nights. Their number is (828)654-7873, so call and get your site reserved for you.

As we get closer to the dates, we'll get a schedule up and going. There's tons of things to see and do in the area, so be ready to stay busy! If you want to , that is!

See you there!
Asheville and the surrounding area has a ton of things to do and see. Plenty of sights as well as lots of good restaurants to stay hydrated at!
Sounds like it might be a possibility - we'll see when I actually get my coach and know what, if any, issues I might have to deal with!
Just checking - is this rally still planned to happen?
It's on. It's a great time to be here. Fall foliage in full swing. Welcome!
Super! I called today and started the process to make my reservation (I don't think it is completed yet... she said someone would call me back). It sounds as if all the WaGu spots are full, so we may be somewhere else. If anyone knows whether there should still be space within the group spaces, please let me know.
I'm glad you can make it Patti, that's great news. I sent you a PM.
I have to cancel my reservation, so if somebody would like a lakeside spot, please let me know.

Thanks and have a fun rally!
We made our reservation last week, do you have a schedule up?
Patty said she would like coming to the campground early, so we
could go to the Built-more, however you may have it on your
schedule Exclamation:exclamation[/font][/size]
Hi Dick,

Here's a first pass at an agenda.

Arrival no earlier than 1:00pm,
5:00pm happy hour, hor d'oeurve's and byob,
Dinner potluck or on your own. (The Recreation Center is equipped with a full kitchen and barbecue. I'm looking forward to grilling some steaks, chicken, burgers, and fish).

Breakfast: cookout at campground
Biltmore Estate: 10-6pm,
Evening happy hour (hor d'oeurve's and byob),
Potluck at campground or dinner out: 6:30pm (More barbecue)!

Breakfast: cookout at campground
Biltmore Estate or Downtown Asheville: 10-6pm,
Evening happy hour (hor d'oeurve's and byob),
Potluck at campground or dinner out: 6:30pm (More barbecue)!

Breakfast: cookout at campground,
2:15pm: leave to downtown Asheville,
3-4:30: La Zoom City Tour (if there's interest we need to buy tickets early),
4:30-6pm: leisure lunch and walk around downtown Asheville,
Evening happy hour (hor d'oeurve's and byob),

Lots of suggestions from the Arboretum to the Grove Park Inn,
One suggestion:
11-3: Visit and lunch at Arboretum or Grove Park Inn,
3-6pm: Grove Park Inn (car museum, drinks),
Evening happy hour (hor d'oeurve's and byob),
Potluck at campground or dinner out: 6:30pm (Maybe Pizza)!

Checkout is Noon,
Breakfast: cookout at campground,
Say our goodbyes!
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