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Full Version: So what's wrong with this picture? Or what's NOT wrong!
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Ratxnfratzn#%*+#! On the return trip from east Texas the air pressure gauge started going to 140, 150, 150+. I pumped the brakes to get the pressure down and it behaved for a while and then climbed again. I stopped and let it fully cycle again and then proceeded home with no further problems. After crawling around under the bus this weekend, I spotted this in the attached pictures. I guess no further question as to the air pressure variation. Not sure I can believe we got home!

Crap! Not even close to finished on the prior "to do" list. At least I now know that the emergency high pressure relief valve on the air dryer works.
Bendix governor . I wander ( not wonder) if the f'ed valve is the cause-problem or the damage-result of a non reacting compressor un-loader valve?
here is bendix's troubleshooter pdf
I know you are up on the topic but here is where I got my info in the past. it may be helpful for others.

Here is a video that explains the basics. old but helpful since it is bare bones

here is a series that I use also
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