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Full Version: Nice Looking 1997 WB
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On Ebay: 261689376386

Really amazing to see how the removal of one couch and adding a coffee table makes it look so much bigger inside.
I went over to see it today at Lazy Days. Apparently it was mint before the prior owner bought it, but it needs lots of TLC now. It is a shame to see these wonderful busses let go. The missing right front hub cover is a tip-off. They apparently dropped the price as it has been there most of the year. However, it won't go for their ballpark, in my opinion as it needs so much. The 3M film on the front is bad. The lightbar cover on the front is missing. The interior needs work, such as several ceramic tiles are gone and several more cracked. The driver and copilot seats need replacement. The engine shows some corrosion, more than I'd like, but repairable.

However, if someone loves to bring these back, this one has a super good looking paint job, and in the right hands it can become a showpiece, but you'd have to buy it right.
Thanks for the report Ron. I like the open bath, the spaciousness of the salon, and the natural wood cabinetry. The ad lays out a good story line, but there's no substitute for boots on the ground! Buying them right is what this business is all about, unless of course you're lucky enough to buy a Brady or a Rueckwald coach; otherwise, there's no shortage of things to spend on with these buses.
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