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Full Version: LXI Suspension Rally
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Hello WaGu,

I know it is short notice , but if your in the area I plan to be in Ashville N.C. for the weekend on my way to Columbia s.C. .

I plan to make some repairs on the only LXI , ( that I know of ) that has over 100,000 miles in the past 2 years Smile ok , maybe only 82k but 100k did sound better . I plan to intrude upon the WaGu , GuRu himself for some high tech advise on why my brain is leaning left , ok I mean the bus . so if your in the area stop on by , not sure where I am going to be but a Campground would be my first choice ,but this is a weekend and I did not make any reservations Smile

ok , the campground is full In Fletcher, but I did put the next 10 or so cancelations on hold for our " possible Rally : lol Rutledge !
Come on over Al, I'll guide you in! Folks, I have more room if anyone's in the area. Smile
sounds like a Rally Smile

ETA 3pm ,
I need 23 foot overhead clearance.
What kind of suspenders do you have on that thing Greg?
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