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Full Version: 1994 new interior
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I am in the market for a bus with one or two slides. Tim put our bus up for sale and we had a few people look at it but... No one is impressed with the mechanical updates and top notch shape. I think they look at the interior too much. I didnt want to re upholster the interior because it is expensive to duplicate the quality of Wanderlodge fabric and workmanship. plus I dont want to make choices for the new owner. We decided to just redo all of the interior do it with our choices and keep the bus as a backup if it doesn't sell. here is a pic of the 1994 interior

I will update the removal and the workmanship of the company we use to recover the furniture
removal of the valence is first. the fold down valance comes off with the fabric concave face. then the window boxes. these units are all wood screwed on. easy job . With the fabric sections removed I had time to remove window frames and replace wall paper around the window and shade boxes with glue down thin vinyl covering to make it cleaner for future maintenance. I also completed restringing all the Blinds. Rob 911 showed me how to restring on his last visit from Canada. I opted to remove the day shades. Without day-shade section I was able to make the shade a one hand lift and lower operation. here are a couple pics
the tape on the laminate is not ac duct tape. it is gaffing tape (used in the film industry set and sound stage construction). I use it to support and protect corners and sections that get rubbed during removal. this stuff is 30. a roll but worth it because it leaves no residue and sticks to anything.

Day Night shades are good but the white day shades got funky and are hard to clean. I just cut the strings and removed the day section and day pull down bar. I then moved the string spring to the top and use the lazydaze forum image to restring. there are three different configurations . the bedroom window has 4 strings within the shade and uses this image
most other shades have only two row of strings and use only one set of strings off of the top spring.

the shade vendor or wanderlodge allowed the end tie down to float at the top and installed the spring in the bottom square tube. it you notice the many helpful sites on the net on how to restring, the ends are tied down at the bottom. I opted for this fixed method which allows the operator to move the shade one handed and stay level. I made the tie down under the bottom tube. Simply poke two holes 1/2 inch apart in the plastic slide near one of the screw holes and pull the ends thru and tie.
Thanks for the update Greg, it's looking good. I especially appreciate the Gaff tape (or is it Gaffer tape?) advice. My appliance repair man was here the other day. I wish he had covered the edges of my fine kitchen cabinetry with Gaffing tape before he wedged the dishwasher back into place! Sigh! Smile It's looking good. BB did a nice job with the 3" diameter PVC wiring conduit. Smile
Dave The tape is Pro-Gaff http://www.protapes.com/products/pro-gaff/color/fl-blue . check out the reviews on Amazon . I was surprise this brand was better than 3-m gaffing tape. I use it also for signage on the bus and my box van during parades.

I put in two of the window boxes and Valances. I sent the other Valences back to get redone because the fabric lines were not true. this Valance is a bit off but it is in the bedroom. I once read that it is a good idea to take a photo image of interiors to get a flat perspective of color and patterns. I see now that the bedding pattern is close to the Valance pattern and should changed. One thing that always bothered me is the hidden window behind the headboard in most of the 94 rigs. That may be a project later on. but for sure the head board will come out later this month and be replaced with some fabric setup.
the dinette came out nice. the pattern is the same used n all the Valences and trim in the window boxes. the geometric pattern is a bit detailed but repeats in some detail on most upholstered surfaces . I understand this will mute attention to any one piece and make the interior cohesive. [attachment=1447]
a couple of more pics of the progress tonight.

Does anyone know what is in the white metal electrical box hanging on the wall behind the sleeper sofa please see image
Isn't that the 12v suppressor box that's designed to smooth the 12v power so it causes minimal interference with other things?
The upholstery is complete . time to install new floors. Sorry Ernie we are doing tile in the entire rig. I dont have much say in the choices.
(11-06-2014 15:19)GregOConnor Wrote: [ -> ]The upholstery is complete . time to install new floors. Sorry Ernie we are doing tile in the entire rig. I dont have much say in the choices.

That looks great Greg. And the floors look fine as they are to me.
Looks nice, Greg. That's ok, I couldn't get to it till Sept 2015Big Grin
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