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Full Version: PMMI Musical Horn manual
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Does anyone have a manual/schematic for the PMMI Musical Horn in a 1990 BB? Trying to trace down the wiring.

Thank you.
I believe the box and blue colored ribbon wiring is up in front of copilot lower dash area. Hard to see.
Thanks, Ernie. That is where I found it. You are right about the hard to get to!

What is the problem with yours?
It was not working. Leroy said he was sure it was the computer brain, as he had checked everything else. Since I was not getting any display on the dash, I wanted to check the leads.

I bought the new old stock brain on line, installed it, and Leroy was right, it was the brain. It now works. Now, I need to go to a campground with a lot of people, and go thru the songs one by one to identify them! LOL

The brain in my 90 had a little tag inside the box that said "BB 2-90". The new one has a tag that says "PM 5-94". So, it is a newer box. The old box also had a longer connection for the ribbon cable, with a "plug" in the excess connections. The new one the cable fits just right, without the plug. The new box might be one for the newer "Ultimate" horn? But, it works!

PMMI will reprogram the brain with different songs, for a price of course.
here is a list to start with
my Musical horn has an issue where it wont turn on and if you leave it switched on, it will blink on then off. seems like a broken wire some place. I have a new exterior sound system with 8 of 800 watt powered speakers 2 1000 watt powered and 3 subs. even with all that people still ask to hear the musical horn. We tailgate at the Rose bowl and get good use out of the college fight songs

here is a scan of a list posted on the site WanderlodgeOwnersGroup.com by an approved poster - Jim D http://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com/fo...1371558040
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