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Full Version: Sad Day: Minecraft sold out to Microsoft
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Sad... unless your name is Markus "Notch" Persson!

If you have young children or grandchildren chances are you know something about minecraft. It's a game that was created by Mojang about 3 years ago. It was an independent (Indie) effort with a lot of community support, feedback, and suggestions on how to improve it and make it better. My 3rd grade son was soon hooked as were most of his classmates. He has a minecraft server running on a pc and often hosts his friends in minecraft play. Minecraft is a building block game. Players build elaborate buildings and cities and populate them with people, pets, and more. It uses low resolution video but it's rich in ore's, minerals, and a host of building materials. It has a component called "red dust" which is like electricity. Gamers can build articulating red-dust powered circuits like elevators and cannons. There's a wealth of mods, plugins, videos, and texture packs available, much of it community driven. It offers a lot of creativity. Well, today Mohang announced an agreement with Microsoft for the purchase of minecraft. Minecraft as we know it is dead; long live minecraft! Smile
got 5 grandkids- if they play video games, I leave the room
Video games? There are video games now??!! Damn, what will they think of next!! Big Grin I kind of like living under a rock! Wink
(09-11-2014 08:18)ernie ekberg Wrote: [ -> ]got 5 grandkids- if they play video games, I leave the room

Ernie, where's the spirit? You should play with them. You might learn something, quicken your reflexes, bond, etc. etc. Remember, they grow up quick and they mature faster than youBig Grin
with 1 of them grandkids living with us, I don't have time to breathe.
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