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Full Version: 1999 Prevost XL Marathon
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Ebay item number: 301296623833. Very nice, light, bright, space efficient, common sense interior.
Does anyone know why Marathon kept the two windows above the windshield (blacken out) on the classic XL Prevost? Other converters such as Liberty or Country Coach do not have these. I personally prefer the look without the windows.
Hi Jerry,

My guess is there's cabinetry and a TV mounted above the dash and across the top of the windshield. My Vantare has similar cabinetry, so they blacked out the upper windshield with a dark limousine window tint:


In fact, in my bus they tinted virtually all the windows with a limousine black window tint. The tinting is so dark, when I pull into a campground I don't really need to pull down the shades for privacy, even with the interior lights on! At first I thought it was too dark, but I've really grown to appreciate the privacy and the temperature coolness of the interior.

I noticed the pedals are way further apart than our birds. I like that, but is that a normal Prevost thing?
Thanks Dave...I was referring to the XLs. Marathon has small windows above the windshield where other converters have like a cap. I would post a picture, but I am not sure how.

I really like the tinted windows.
Oh, my mistake. I checked out a few of the converters of that vintage and I now see what you mean. No, I don't know why Marathon left the windows while others seemed to have shrouded them in. Cost, style, or something else? I can only speculate. You can probably get a definitive answer on http://www.prevostcommunity.com.
Nice- not over the top in glitz
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