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Full Version: A-C drain leak 450.
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Here is the picture of the drain problem in the 450's. It happens to all 4 ac's. A thoughtless design. (again). Take centre ceiling only down using FLAT wide crowbar Reach under to near plastic Christmas tree. If you take the sides of the ceiling down, you can pull some pex up from the side.
Consider adding 3inches pex and straight connectors.Facet wrench ground thinner will help with nut.

Did the changes to the slide out controls that I sent help with some of your slide issues?


Thanks for the info. The front slide didn't work two days later but has worked fine as of late. We are traveling now and it is working fine, I'll give it some time and let you know.
My bathroom AC drain is fractured. When it runs, the condensation water leaks into the medicine cabinet on to the vanity. Pressurized air from the bottom up proved a leak behind the wall.

I need to find a reputable repair center that knows high end coaches like Prevost, COuntry Coach and Blue Birds in the CA Bay area or Reno area. Any suggestions?
don't feel like you are the only ones with this. my 97 had the same issue in the bedroom- over the bed- MY side.
I just fixed the A/C drains in my 91 also.

Yep, same thing on two units a month ago. Also had to replace both front and salon units as they each had serious but different issues.
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