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Full Version: Uploaded my Bus Docs Library
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I finally got around to uploading my personal bus document library consisting of over 300 papers some practical, some theory, some research, all fascinating and if read will go a long way towards your PhD in buses! LOL Smile

They can be found here: Document Library -> Theory.

If anyone wishes to add to our collection of practical/theory/research documents, send me a copy and I'll be happy to upload it.
Wow! That is a whole lot of information. Thank you for sharing.
Troy- just saw your signature- you have a bird~
Sure do, got the coach named QEIII and it is parked at Ricks place in TN now. Taking the family on a spring break trip and will be bringing it home this week.
(03-27-2014 19:58)Teebone Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! That is a whole lot of information. Thank you for sharing.

My pleasure Troy. There's more where that came from. As soon as I weed them out I'll post them.

Now, randomly choose an article, print it out, and head to the treadmill for a good read and workout. Before you know it 40 minutes will pass. That's what I do! Smile

Congrats on the new coach. Pics please!!!

Don't worry about weeding out the porn. You can post it here! Big Grin

Have you been sneaking peaks at my laptop again! Now I know who's been downloading all that pron! Brilliant idea hiding it amongst my bus files! LOL Wink
Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
(03-28-2014 16:07)Arcticdude Wrote: [ -> ]Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Wow, great information resource...thanks David!
Thank you David very much for taking the time to download your library. It is a great resource addition and will come in very handy!Smile
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