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Full Version: Lone Star Birds April 2014 Rally
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It may be too late to get in on this one, but it's going to be at Sunset Point RV Park in Marble Falls, Tx, April 11-13. You could call them to see if they have any spaces left.

More info can be found on the LSB website: http://www.lonestarbirds.shutterfly.com. The password is bluebird.
Well, another successful Lone Star Birds rally has come and gone. Some random updates follow.

We had around 20+ rigs attending, not sure of the precise count. Many of them were even Bluebirds!! LSB has a fairly liberal, "once a member, always a member" motto. Two attendees have even crossed over to the dark side of Prevostland with 'new-to-them' H3-45s, a Vantare and a Millenium. Pretty darn nice rigs, for sure. Let's see,... M-450 or H3-45, hmmmm.

Bim was out again, with yet another new-to-him Bluebird. I think he may have had more Birds since we have met than I have had cars! LOL Rolleyes You want to watch for his sales after he fixes everything! ArticDude only took two days to make the trek southward from Oklahoma, so he is recovering very nicely. We had NM and LA represented also. We had just gorgeous mild warm weather during the rally, but lots of folks scrambled north on Sunday to beat the incoming storms and cold front. While we continued to have a nice Sunday in south Texas, here in Boerne, Texas, we went from high 60's to low 40s in about a half hour this Monday morning as the cold front finally blew into here, with high winds, thunder and heavy, but brief rain. Recovered nicely into the low 60's today, but going back to high 30's tonite - in south Texas! Glad I'm not further north. It's time for this cold stuff to be over for this year!

Looking forward to the LSB Terlingua chili rally in late October and early November, but the Oklahoma rally and the Corpus rally come before that one. If you have not hit a LSB rally, you should put that on your 'to do' list for the future, for sure.
We were going to be there, but the freight company decided to not get the wood flooring in for this coach till late.
Would you like cheese with that w(h)ineBig Grin
(04-14-2014 22:54)patticake Wrote: [ -> ]Would you like cheese with that w(h)ineBig Grin

In the BOX. Sorry Ernie, I could not resist. Tongue
that's what I'm thinkin
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