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Full Version: Zero turn lawn mowers
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Glad you included stress reduction, just because you are over 50, or in my case over 60, doesn't mean you shouldn't get rid of that stress! I would like to believe I have as much stress as I did in my 20s, but I probably don't.Big GrinBig Grin
Who says you can't teach an old chick a new skill set?
Aaaahhhh, grasshoppa. You learn to scalp grass well! Big Grin
(08-20-2014 21:41)Arcticdude Wrote: [ -> ]Aaaahhhh, grasshoppa. You learn to scalp grass well! Big Grin

Practiced a bit on two handed turns out in the wide open, just to be safe. And as with twin screws, one going forward and the other going in reverse, and with of course a glass of wine for good measure and for a wee bit of Irish courage.

Upon the second refill and 15 mins into it, it began to feel like reining a horse, and second nature.

Next time out of course, I had to relearn everything I had accomplished,. Tongue

We have a tractor with a finishing Bush Hog, but it can't begin match the quick in and outs, nor the tight turns of a zero turn, nor the speed.

We, or I shopped around, researched, read the reviews, and while expensive, the Grasshopper had the very best reviews for longevity and for the best cut.

Kinda like a Wanderlodge.

We think it might outlast us.

Hopefully it does as with any other investment. Big Grin
You make it look easy Ms. Bee!!! What model and how much?

Obligatory content: check out this new wine app, Vivino. Take a photo of a label, get reviews and ratings, and add your own review.
Here's my new 6000 series Toro ZTR mower. It has a 35 hp fuel injected Kohler engine and a 72" blade. It'll cut 10 acres in an hour if I let it. I received it this past Saturday, had a brief introduction from the shop owner, and I got on. I didn't get off until I finished cutting the grass. Great fun! Smile
I will give you a break on whitewashing my fence when you get bored with cutting your lawn. Nice unit all it needs is wrist pilot controls
Greg, do you mean left and right joy stick controls? I hope I can put my 100hrs in per season and be done with it w/o wrist issues. Cutting grass ranks right up there with washing the bus; hence, the monstrous 72" blade. This machine is a blast though. It weighs 1500lbs but it'll do effortless high speed pirouettes in the driveway all day long! Grin!
The joysticks found in the older skid steers and excavators have been replaced with pilot wrist action controls as standard equipment . With a short stroke I thought precision would be lost but stationary forearms make up the control.
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