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Full Version: Google Custom Search
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I added the famed and coveted Google Custom Search facility to WaGu's Search Page. Actually the google custom search is a free service by google. They provide the indexing, search, and even the code to plug into our html. It's free and as simple as pie to implement - just cut and paste. I decided to put it on our Search Page as opposed to our Index Page. Clearly it makes more sense to have it on our Search Page; that's simply where it belongs. Having it there avoids added clutter on our Index Page and it also avoids the inevitable performance penalty which now is only incurred when you go to the Search Page.

Now you too can google search Wanderlodge Gurus just like the Big Boys! Let me know if you have any problems!

Maybe I'll call this a birthday present for WaGu! Smile


Atta boy! Always improving and moving forward!
Thanks Gary. Smile

I'm amazed at how impressed I am with the results we get from our Google custom search here on WaGu. Between our incredibly rich document library to the files, documents, and threads we brought over from yahoo:groups:WanderlodgeForum, to the threads and information we've generated organically here on WaGu over the last year, we have an incredible amount of data here on WaGu. Our Google custom search makes this very apparent. Thanks everyone for you work and participation.
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