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Full Version: Tampa updates!
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Okay David and family! You've been there at least an hour by now, what's up??!! Big Grin Those of us that are living vicariously, while being "tied down" are itching for news. How's the show??

Hope you guys are having a blast!
Hey John,

We attended the Prevost show at the Convention Center, but won't be making it to the Super RV show at the Fair Grounds, (Suzana wisked us away to Disney World for five days)! While we didn't find our dream Prevost at the show we did come close... we'll see. Hish and Sue Amaral graciously joined us at the show to kick P-Bus tires. Thanks Hish! Suzana and I truly enjoyed spending time with you both! Smile. Take care of yourself John!
o David , to miss out on Ft Wilderness Sad be sure to visit if you have not, and get Danny his new Bus Smile

I m thinking a older PT for David , what s your thought John ? This way David will again inspire us to all own what may be the best BB ever made Smile
Hey Al,

I'm looking forward to visiting Fort Wilderness again. Regarding buses, I can't go backwards... Smile My LXi spoiled me with its common sense systems - the next bus has a tough act to follow. Post Tampa, I'm happy to report that the bus converter industry has progressed and common sense solutions abound. Bringing a PT up to this level would be very ambitious.
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