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Full Version: Lone Star Birds Christmas Rally
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I have an RV site reserved at the Lone Star Birds Christmas Rally that I will not be using. I have not cancelled yet and wanted to let the group know of its availability. Send me a PM if you need the site and we will try to work it out. Thanks, Mike
sorry you guys won't be there, Mike. Ralph and Charlotte had to cancel, also.
Well, we'll be there, if the snow doesn't get too deep to travelBig Grin and I'm not putting the snow tires on for just that tripAngel
We are probably going to drive down but we came back to Texas in the car and left the bus in Florida.
Well, the Lone Star Birds Christmas Rally has come and gone. Attendance was lighter than normal due to the weather. I believe that all of the Birds that needed to head back north wisely opted to stay over until Monday to see if it warmed up and the north Texas roads cleared. Saturday never reached above freezing in the southern hill country of Texas. The cold stressed bodies and Birds, and seriously exercised heating systems. Transfer switches shorted out, doors closed and never opened again until someone entered through a dismantled roof vent, and air suspension systems were slow to rise and in one case immediately leaked down after arriving home, not to rise again. The freezing cold took its toll and made it a challenging weekend for everyone! But there was much enjoyed camaraderie and renewal of old friendships by the attendees.
we had a great time, even though stuff happened. still here, hope to go north, shortly
arrived at home
my transfer is 1/2 toast
seems the this thing is totally corroded and leg 2 burnt. I kept an eye on it and ordered an exact duplicate that should arrive this week. Lots of things don't want to work when you only have one leg.
Plus, it's hard to walk on one legAngel
Ernie, I know you stated you already ordered the ATS switch but one of the " forum guru's" (Corey) did this job and it has a nice write up with pics on his 2000 LXI...FWIW it may facilitate your install and make it a little easier for you, good luck!

I installed the same ATS as Corey, but am not happy with it. It drops out one leg of the generator when the AC put the starting load on the line.
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