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Full Version: Fresh Water System Pumps
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Has anyone had any experience in replacing the accumulator tank and old pumps with the new automatic demand pumps? Shurflo 4008-101-E65 has an internal bypass to do this, but I am reluctant to jump in without knowing how well they perform. Is there any irritating delay? Any comments?
For years I've run a Shurflo 5.7 Extreme without an accumulator tank. AFAIK, the Extreme series doesn't have a bypass. I've never had any problems. I always figured the natural expansion capability of my PEX water distribution tubing functioned as it's own accumulator.
Thanks. I'll look into that.
I am very unfamiliar with this problem, but can I use a ro water pump to get cleaner water? Idea
You can, but eventually you'll have a leak someplace in the post RO line(s) due to the mineral leaching, unless it's a completely plastic system.
Since I don't know what model coach you have, I am going to assume you haven't looked for or at your onboard filter. If you do not have one, it would be easy to add a whole house one. Buy it from from Homeylowes.
Steve brings up a good point, as it's REALLY easy to add a whole house filter on a short hose to filter before any water enters the coach. Makes it very easy to change and keep your rig dry at the same time.
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