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Full Version: Secondary Fuel Filters
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I have heard (read or dreamed) that my DD 8v92 primary fuel filter should be 10 microns and my secondary fuel filter should be 2 microns. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

The primary racor at 10 microns is no problem, however, when I researched the secondary fuel filter numbers frequently referrenced for my 8v92 they also came up at 10 microns. See Attached Chart.

Just didn't make sense to filter twice at 10 microns.
So, looking further I found a 3 micron Donaldson filter which I have been using.

This filter has been working fine for me. Just thought I would let you know.
Thanks Gregg!

Continuing along to the S60, I have:

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 User Guide recommends a secondary filter DD pNo: 23530707. This filter crosses to the following Donaldson pNos. (From what I can tell, Donaldson manufactures Detroit Diesel filters):

Donaldson: EFF7917, 5 micron at 99%,
Donaldson: P556916, 9 micron at 99%, and
Donaldson: P556917, 3 micron at 99%.

I have to assume that the spec for DD pNo: 23530707 is 9 micron at 99%.

The User Guide recommends a primary filter DD pNo: 23530706 or 23512317. These filters cross to Donaldson:

DD: 23530706, Donaldson: P556915, 25 micron at 99% and
DD: 23512317, Donaldson: P558010, 20 micron at 99%.

So for the S60 a good bet is 20 micron for the primary and 9 micron for the secondary at 99% efficiency.
which one is the primary ? easy to reach Racor ? Smile
Hey Al,

The Racor 1000FG is the primary. For those who wish to move beyond the racor, DD recommends the Fuel Pro 382 by Davco.
when you say " beyond " do you mean upgrade ?
(10-12-2013 17:02)al perna Wrote: [ -> ]when you say " beyond " do you mean upgrade ?

Yes, I think I mean upgrade. Jim Doel and others have extolled the virtues of the Devco; on the other hand, we've all gotten good service out of our Racors and continue to do some. Maybe someone will chime in on the pros and cons.
Looking at the chart, it didn't show the 3 micron filter, or am I not reading it correctly?
Because I would like to change my secondary to that.
Hi Steve,

It's in the link that Gregg gave: 3 micron filter
Thanks David,

I see why my link didn't work. It should have been:


Would it be safe to say that the major risk of using the lower micron rated filter is that it could(would) plug faster and the major benefit is cleaner fuel, both thru the jets and back to the tank? Am I missing anything here?

Were there changes that made the S60 capable of higher micron filters, or did I get the 8v92 numbers wrong?

The owners manual for your coach, listed at Document Library -> Owners Manuals, specs a Fleetrite FFR8206 secondary fuel filter which crosses to a Donaldson P556916 which is 9 micron at 99%.

I noticed for the EGR version of the Series-60 Detroit Diesel specs a 5 micron (99%) secondary filter, so the progression seems to be toward finer filters with later engines.
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